Intensive Summer Camp/Therapy for Abby
Building Blocks for Kids
Intensive Summer Camp/Therapy for Abby

Abby is the sweetest, giggliest little girl.  She loves being tickled, jumping on the trampoline with her older and younger brothers, and will use any excuse to play outside. Last summer, at the age of three-and-a-half, Abby successfully completed Infant Swim Training and learned the basics of water survival.

Abby was diagnosed at the age of two-and-a-half with autism due to lack of eye contact, stimming, and lack of speech that a 2-year-old would display.

Although Abby is verbal and her language has developed, expressive language and spontaneous speech is very difficult. She has been in speech and occupational therapies since her diagnosis and although she struggles with communication, she is highly intelligent.

Abby has been recommended for a two-week intensive summer camp that uses a play-based model to engage children that will give her extra exposure to speech, occupation, physical, and musical therapists.  Her parents truly believe that they are just tapping the surface of her potential and would like to give her this extra opportunity so that four-and-a-half-year-old Abby will be ready to develop friendships and successfully enter kindergarten in 2024.


Need:  Summer Camp w/Intensive Therapy Opportunities

ABOUT Meet a Need

Building Blocks for Kids supports children and families who live with disabilities in a wide variety of ways.  One of those ways is through our Meet A Need Medical Scholarship Program.  This program allows us to meet individual needs, one child at a time.

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