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A Dog for Dane
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Nine-year-old Dane is in the fourth grade. He is super sensory-seeking and he loves hugs, swinging, his ball pit, and all things water.  This past summer he became really good at swimming with his lifejacket on!​

Dane was diagnosed at the age of 2 with Angelman Syndrome, a neurogenetic disorder characterized by seizures, intellectual impairment, lack of balance/motor skills, lake of speech, and sleep difficulty.​

It has been recommended that Dane get a Service Dog to help with tracking, tethering, and behavior redirection as he currently struggles with elopement, following physical directions, and self-harm behaviors such as head banging.​

The waitlist for a service dog can be 2 years or longer and he cannot be on that waitlist until the family has raised a total of $20K.  BB4K would like to help with at least $5000 of that fundraising effort.​

Service Dog - $5000+​


ABOUT Meet a Need

Building Blocks for Kids supports children and families who live with disabilities in a wide variety of ways.  One of those ways is through our Meet A Need Medical Scholarship Program.  This program allows us to meet individual needs, one child at a time.

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