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Help Max Walk without Devices
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Five-and-a-half-year-old Max has a huge heart, is very motivated, and adapts his way of doing things to be as independent as possible. He attends preschool in a classroom mixed with typical and special needs children and he thrives in this environment. He genuinely enjoys being around his 2- and 7-year-old sisters as well as friends and classmates!

Max was born with a deformity in the knee joints of both legs and had 13 sets of serial casts before the age of 3 months giving him almost full flexion. In 2019 he was diagnosed with a rare Genetic Deletion that resulted in feeding difficulties, developmental and intellectual delays, hypotonia, and he walks with a walker.

Max is a one-of-a-kind little guy who has a strong drive to be as independent as possible. He really wants to move beyond his walker and his manual wheelchair to be able to walk on his own. Therefore, he will need to receive as much physical therapy as possible.


Physical Therapy

ABOUT Meet a Need

Building Blocks for Kids supports children and families who live with disabilities in a wide variety of ways.  One of those ways is through our Meet A Need Medical Scholarship Program.  This program allows us to meet individual needs, one child at a time.

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